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Here are some Prediction 2013 New Resolution for Web designers. Well, it is that time of year where we start to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year 2013.In 2012 we have seen several new trends appear in web design, one of the most notable being the rise of responsive design.

Prediction #1 – More responsive design.

Responsiveness of the site is based on the design and not the vast variety of devices out there. The idea of forgetting about the size of devices will help drive better responsive design, so we will start seeing websites designed with breakpoints of all types. It should be no surprise that responsive web design is here to stay. This prediction is expected to turn out absolutely true as we all know that new kind of desktop and mobile devices are being introduced in the market every now and then. Our Each device, be it desktop or mobile, will vary in screen size and other proportions. The reason why responsive web designing is expected to be in trends of 2013 is that designers cannot design a new design for individual website. It will not only take a lot of your time but will also cost you a fortune.

Responsive web design will eliminate all of these problems because of its ability to respond to the size of the device being used. Thanks to responsive web designs, designers will not have to make a new layout for different mobile and desktop devices. A single design will work perfectly on all devices. No would avoid this trend because this trend is expected to make things much more convenient for all the designers.

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Prediction #2 – Designed Typography:

Thanks to the variations available in Typography, designers have a lot of fonts available to select from. However, selecting typography is no longer a small decision and selecting a trendy typography design is very important.

Web designers and developers are always focusing on the weight of things such as images and Javascript when they start building their websites. As the last couple of years have seen the first breakthroughs in web type in a very long time, this combination will inevitably drive the increased usage of typography as the central element in website design. While there are things such as @font-face to serve fonts from the server, some of which are heavily weighted — the weight of fonts used for website design are often lighter than their image and script counterparts.

Also, typography and layouts that are based on content are inherently easier to make responsive than really complicated layouts with different types of images and JavaScripts. As an added bonus, don’t be surprised to see more inventive ways of typography being displayed on websites either.

2013 New Resolution for Web designers

Prediction #3 – bye Flash. Hello just about anything else

No surprise here as far as a trend that will carry over from 2012. It’s highly evident that Flash is on its last leg. It’s bad for the SEO of a site, many mobile devices don’t support it (I’m looking at you, Apple), and it is a pain to update (it crashes my browser all the time, what about you?). Plus, there are so many other technologies out there that can do what Flash does now (i.e. HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, etc.).

I predict that we could see the end of Flash in 2013. It’s already on life-support as companies who did support Flash before start to dump it. With so much negative attention surrounding Flash, fewer designers and developers are going to use it which will make those who want the technology less and less able to hire someone to do it.

Prediction # 4 – Huge Buttons:

Since the ‘touch & tap’ is getting famous with every passing day, we can totally expect the trend of huge buttons in the upcoming year. Initially, big and huge buttons were being used just for the beautification purposes however, in 2013; they are expected to become a necessity. Huge buttons will definitely make tapping a lot easier but yes, this trend does have a flaw i.e., huge buttons would definitely require more graphics which will result into slowing down of the website. Designers will have to find a way out or else this trend might not last long. Let’s see what 2013 has in store for buttons.

Huge-Buttons - 2013 New Resolution for Web designer mumbai

Prediction # 5 – Large images used for large impact visuals:

This goes against my prediction above about typography being used more than images due to the site weight. However, more websites are using large images on their home page to make an impact. These same websites are also keeping bandwidth and data usage in mind by only serving large images to those with large screens.

We are seeing more and more websites using large images as visuals on their home pages, and I don’t see this slowing down any time soon. It’s true that these large images make an impact, and companies know this. So, I predict this trend will continue through at least the first half of 2013.

Big  images - 2013 New Resolution for Web designer

Prediction # 6 – More white space!

Toward the end of 2012 websites were being designed with more white space. I predict this will continue as we move into 2013. Responsive web design and a clean design aesthetic (with the new Myspace leading the way) are both factors. These white space heavy designs lend an air of gravitas, and who doesn’t want their website to make them seem professional and knowledgeable?

More white spaces webdesigns

Prediction # 7 – Parallax Scrolling:

013 will see a lot of increase in the usage of parallax scrolling effects. This thing has been in the industry for sometime but earlier it was associated with video games only. This feature will basically allow designers to control the depth of design objects on the website being designed.

jQuery Page scroll - 2013 New Resolution for Web designers

Prediction # 8 – More sharing on social networks

Look for more social media integration into your favorite websites and even new websites. While sharing buttons at the end of articles is very old news, I predict the use of deeper integration with social media networks on websites to explode in 2013.

This includes further expansion of social single sign-on, “pay by tweet” or “pay by status” sharing, exploring other types of social media based on website content (such as Instagram for news sites or Pinterest for artists and designers), and even more advertising on social networks.

Share Social - 2013 New Resolution for Web designer

Prediction # 9 – Mobile apps will start to replace mobile browsing

Even though there is a push to make websites work on all devices, including mobile ones, certain websites seem to work better when they are used through their own app. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc are all examples of such websites where their apps are much better than their mobile browsing experience.

The movement from mobile browsing on certain sites to apps that will serve the same content will become accelerated in 2013 as more and more people are using their phone for everything. Give Facebook’s mobile site a run and then compare it to the native iOS app — there’s just no comparison.

Prediction # 10 – King content will keep its crown

Content will keep its rightful throne as we move into designing for the web in 2013. Without content, there is no website. What will keep content on top is the increasing need to be able to access any content anywhere you are. We can give responsive web design a big pat on the back for keeping content where it belongs: priority #1.

Along with content staying on top, more focus will be made on creating high-quality content. Writing, designing, publishing and sharing will help content keep its crown, while responsive design will be responsible for the delivery. It’s all in the family when you think about responsive web design, content, and social media, a family which will dominate in 2013.

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