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Beautiful Web Page Templates in Photoshop PSD

Thanks to all the help and references like Photoshop tutorials, icons, graphics and other design elements we can scoop from the Internet, designing websites has changed quite significantly over the pass few years. With the help of all these resources, designing a website can’t be too hard and the layout can’t go too wrong. Today, […]

how to specify CSS hack for specific browser Cross browser compatibility

Here are some browser specific css hacks….

How to recover your admin password

The passwords are stored using a one-way MD5 hash which prevents recovering the existing password, but you can reset it to a new password by editing the password field in the database.

Using and hiding phpinfo (with or without Joomla)

phpinfo is a valuable command that can allow you to find errors and learn more about your server. Don’t share it with everybody on the internet.

View module positions on a Joomla site with ?tp=1

So, you have a Joomla site, but you can’t seem to figure out what position a module is situated into on your site.

Joomla Search Engine Optimization Tips for Webmasters

Joomla is one of the most commonly used CMS (content management systems) for websites. This is a short SEO guide for Joomla webmasters and users that explains how to deal with Joomla SEO problems and implement easy solutions.

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