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How to remove empty lines using regular expression in notpad++

I hope this tips will help you as wed designer to reduce files size by removing empty lines from file using notepadd++ Just Write “^s*” in Find Text box and replace with blank.

How to Get a Custom URL for Your Facebook Page in Five Easy Steps

Does your Facebook page’s URL look something like this? By default, your Facebook page’s URL is made up of your page’s name plus a long number. If you want to put the URL on your business card, or spell it out over the phone, this is obviously not ideal. The good news is that […]

How to turn off magic_quotes_gpc module in php for joomla 3 setup on godaddy server

Its common problem with godaddy server for installing joomla3. As web designer or Web Developer you may face this issue. Here is steps which show you How to turn off magic_quotes_gpc module in php for joomla 3 setup on godaddy server. created script for phpinfo and saw that magic_quotes_gpc was on (the only one on […]

how to change html tag OR change html element using jquery

here is code to change html tag OR change html element using jquery $(this).replaceWith($(‘<h5>’ + this.innerHTML + ‘</h5>’));

How to Remove extra linebreaks and spaces in Dreamweaver

How to remove extra spaces While the document is open in Dreamweaver, press CTRL+F to load the Find & Replace dialog box. Do the search on the source code view. Check the box “Use regular expression” and uncheck any other boxes. Find: [\r\n]{2,} Replace: \n The hit “replace all” That’s it!

How to Optimize Single Domain Website to Target Different Countries seo

Recently I got a project which is single .com domain and it needs to be targeted to different countries. It`s an e-commerce site and had good rankings in US, now it needs to improve rankings in UK and AU also. I went through some webmaster forums to get the best picture how to start it with […]

How to Use Google Analytics to Track When People Print your Web Pages

Say you have a website that is printer-friendly but you are not too sure if people are actually printing your web pages. And if they are, you are interested to know how often they print pages and what is the kind of content that users are most likely to print on your site.

How to Display any External RSS Feed on WordPress web Site

Have you seen other bloggers who display their other blog’s feed on their site. You want to do it too for extra promotion and traffic. Well here is the tutorial for you. Simply paste the following code in anywhere in your theme:

Get category slug using category ID in WordPress cms

In one of my recent freelance works, I had to play a lot with categories. I was looking for an easy way to get a category slug using an ID, and I found this great function that I’d like to share with you today. First, put the following function in your functions.php file: Once done, […]

How to Get or call Parent Post or Page Title in WordPress

To achieve this trick, simply edit your page.php Or single.php file and paste the following code where you’d like your parent page title to be displayed: That’s all. Also, this code should be some inspiration for creating breadcrumbs. See you tomorrow! If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it!

How to compress web pages with Gzip or Deflate in HTTP to improve performance

Nowadays, reducing web page size to improve performance or to save bandwidth while still maintaining a good website design has become a pain for smart web developers or designers. This is because  with the latest technologies that surfaced in the recent years ( JS Libraries,  CSS3,  HTML 5, etc. ) , developers tend to add […]

How to Get the first image from the post and display it in WordPress

<div> Most WordPress users are using custom fields to display thumbs on their blog homepage. It is a good idea, but do you know that with a simple php function, you can grab the first image from the post, and display it. Just read on. First, paste this function on your <em>functions.php</em> file. Once done, […]

how to show posts from specific category in wordpress

Here is the code to show all post form category. more detail about customization please refer Reference link

How To Clear DNS Cache by Using Run Command

When you visit any site, your browser stores website data inside computer memory so that when you visit the page again, it can be retrieved easily by DNS. In case if the website changes the information, the website might not open properly because the DNS collects information from the cache data stored inside the computer. […]

how to setup/ get google updates and notification on mobile via sms

In Google Plus you get one more service like Facebook that is SMS Notifications. You can setup Google Plus such that you will receive a SMS for every new notification in your account. You can also update Google Plus by SMS. In this post we will discuss how to setup SMS Notifications in your Google […]

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer’s Boot Time

If there’s one thing everyone dreads, it’s rebooting their computer. It may only take a minute or two, but it can seem like forever. Here are our top 10 tweaks that’ll make your computer boot a little faster. This is a pretty controversial topic, as there are a lot of startup-tweaking myths out there. So, […]

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