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Avoid 5 Common Web Design Mistakes that can Hurt SEO of your website

Your website isn’t getting as many visitors as you think it should! Or maybe you’ve got lots of traffic but you’re still not selling anything! Even if your site looks great, you may be running up against one of these common web design mistakes that hurt SEO. And it doesn’t matter whether you hired a […]

New Adobe CSS FilterLab for playing with filters

New Adobe CSS FilterLab for playing with filters. Little one page tool from Adobe for playing with filters (blur, grayscale, brightness, etc). Filters are working in stable Chrome and Safari 6 now. I predict filters to be a huge trend in 2013 as browser support grows and designers start figuring out what kinds of interesting/effective things […]

Freelancers Hiring Freelancers: A Case Study

Freelancing is a wonderful activity and many people are simply happy with the statute of freelancer. The most intriguing aspect of this “job” (I consider a freelancer as a full time employee) is the fact that the beginning is extremely difficult but once the first project is taken and finished a large pool of possibilities […]

Make Creating Effective Website Design for Your Visitors

Websites can have many requirements. The purpose of your web page—that is, what you want to accomplish with your web page—is important to identify before any work is started. A web page is a kind of device that can offer many features. Your web page can be an informative web page, such as by starting […]

Dealing with Clients as a Freelance Web Developer / Designer

If you are a web developer or a designer working with multiple clients, work flow management plays an important role in your routine. Prioritizing tasks, time management are key to be successful over time. Following are some useful tips which enable you to handle your clients in a better way. Most of the pointers are from my […]

5 Tips To Designing A Winning Buy Button for website

If you’re a designer, or an online marketer, or you just happen to own a website where you try to sell something, at some point you’re going to have to design a proper “buy button”. And then, you will quickly find out that just putting a “buy now” text on a blue rectangle is just not enough […]

Great Designs Should Be Experienced and Not Seen

The Better the Design, the More Invisible It Becomes When things are going well in a design, we don’t pay attention to them. We only pay attention to things that bother us. It’s like an air conditioner in a conference room. Nobody ever interrupts our meetings to tell us how comfortable the temperature is. They […]

Facebox Jquery Lightbox implementation

Facebox is a jQuery-based, Facebook-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages. It’s simple to use and easy on the eyes. Download the tarball, view the examples, then start enjoying the curves. more detail about the jquery plugings click here Download Facebox v1.3

Beautiful Web Page Templates in Photoshop PSD

Thanks to all the help and references like Photoshop tutorials, icons, graphics and other design elements we can scoop from the Internet, designing websites has changed quite significantly over the pass few years. With the help of all these resources, designing a website can’t be too hard and the layout can’t go too wrong. Today, […]

IE8 X-UA Compatibility Meta Tag Properly

You may face Cross browser compitabilty issue in IE8, So we can use X-UA Compatibility Meta Tag Properly. it will tell browser to render as per older version.

how to specify CSS hack for specific browser Cross browser compatibility

Here are some browser specific css hacks….

Add Ratings To Your Blog Posts for Instant Feedback from Readers

Blogs that are on Blogger, WordPress or TypePad can now add the wonderful outbrain star ratings widget to their blog posts. This ratings widget has been under a closed beta for some time but they finally made a public release today.

How to Write an IE Web Slice for WordPress Blogs

Web Slices are perhaps one of the coolest features in Windows Internet Explorer 8. Some people might find them similar to the Live Bookmarks feature of Firefox but in reality, IE 8 Web Slices can do much more than track simple RSS feeds.

40+ Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks

Have you ever came across a WordPress blog, saw something you liked, and questions like ‘how they did that‘, ‘is that a plugin or hack?‘, ‘where can I get those cool mods‘ begin to pop? Well, it’s really pretty normal because most of us did the same thing. For this article we’ve spent time with […]

Web design User Interface Design Tips, Techniques, and Principles

User interface design important for several reasons. First of all the more intuitive the user interface the easier it is to use, and the easier it is to use and the less expensive to use it. The better the user interface the easier it is to train people to use it, reducing your training costs. […]

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