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If you haven’t heard yet, Mozilla is working on an awesome new phone OS called Firefox OS.  From a developer’s perspective, highlights include:

  • all apps are and will be created from CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • the OS is open source
  • each app runs as its own virtual Firefox/browser process
  • installing apps from Mozilla Marketplace is incredibly easy
  • support for mobile will push Firefox to keep improving performance
  • more!

New Web standards

Firefox OS will produce an implementation of these new Web standards to free mobile platforms from the encumbrances of the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms.

Freedom from proprietary mobile platforms

We’re collaborating with OEMs and carriers directly, giving them more influence to meet the specific needs of their users and market. Users and developers aren’t locked in to one platform, so they can access their info and use apps across multiple devices.

Firefox OS Radio

Firefox OS gallery

Customization for OEMs and operators

OEMs and operators will be able to provide content and services across their entire device portfolio, regardless of OS. And they will be able to customize user experiences, manage app distribution and retain customer attention, loyalty and billing relationships.

R2D2B2G - Firefox OS-browser

Opportunities for developers

Using HTML5 and the new Mozilla-proposed standard APIs, developers everywhere will be able to create amazing experiences and apps. Developers will no longer need to learn and develop against platform-specific native APIs.

Consumer freedom

Consumers who use devices powered by Firefox OS won’t be locked into one specific platform giving them more choice, flexibility and freedom. With Firefox OS, the Web is the platform.

While it’s now possible to create your own FirefoxOS build, many of you probably don’t want to take the time quite yet.  No problem — there’s a faster solution for getting a sneak peak at Firefox OS:  R2D2B2G.  R2D2B2G is installed into Firefox like any other plugin, and is activated by selecting Tools > B2G Desktop.

Once installed, R2D2B2G allows you to move from screen to screen, open any app (though some APIs like Camera don’t work within R2D2B2G yet), install apps from the Mozilla Marketplace or any other domain, and just about anything else.  R2D2B2G is great for developers looking to do heavy FirefoxOS app development or simply get a preview of what’s to come from FirefoxOS.  Grab R2D2B2G and get excited about Mozilla’s upcoming platform!

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