How to Stop WordPress Trackback Spam Completely

If you are an owner of a WordPress blog, then most probably you might be facing some WordPress trackback related spam in your blog and if your blog has some good amount of blog posts then this problem escalates and it’s quite difficult to control the problem.

Although this problem maybe solved by using some wordpress plugin, but using wordpress plugin for every small problem simply bloats your wordpress and your blog becomes quite slow. So, use as few plugins as you can.

In our blog Comptalks which has more than 1300+ posts, the spammers targeted the older blog posts and were sending some weird trackbacks to our blog posts.

Tips to prevent your WordPress blog from trackback spammers:

UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status="closed";

Here, I have assumed that you are using the prefix wp_ for your wordpress database and if you are using any other prefix like ct_ ,then you should replace wp_ with ct_ .

The above query will help you in disabling trackbacks completely and from now on you don’t have to worry about trackback spam. So, chill and enjoy blogging.

For WordPress plugin lovers

There is a plugin to stop trackback spam and you can download it from here. But I would not recommend to use a plugin to stop a simple problem.