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I’ve done quite a few posts about SEO, but i wanted to write one more about the difference between on and offsite SEO.

Firstly, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you have no idea what it is, than this probably isn’t the post for you since it’s not really relevant. However if you have a website, it SHOULD be relevant, and you should pay attention so you’re well versed when you go to order your website, be it from me, or elsewhere.

Onsite SEO vs OffSite SEO web designer

Onsite SEO: 

Onsite SEO has to do with the optimization that takes place ON your website. This includes META DATA tags, alt text, image titles, H1 tags, etc. Your site has to have your seo keywords on it, in several different ways. This SHOULD be included in a website when you purchase one. If you’re purchasing a site from me, I do 85% of this already. It’s programmed in my head when i do designs, but it’s still a good idea to let me know you want it included in your service agreement. Makes it that much more of a “To Do”.

Off-Site SEO:

Off-site SEO is more of the optimization that’s done, well, off-site. It’s incoming links, blogging on other sites and pointing to yours, etc etc etc.. basically if its done somewhere other than ON your website, its off-site SEO.
This is where those other SEO posts come in. Please be careful who you hire to do off-site seo. Make sure they’re not going to get you black listed from google or any other search engine by using stupid methods. With off-site seo, expect to pay a start up fee as well as a monthly fee for at LEAST 6 months. If they say they can get it done for a flat fee of $99 dollars, they’re lying. Plain and simple.

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