Savira Photo Gallery Customization

Go to you site $yoursite/modules/mod_savira_photogallery/

Open gallery.xml file here you can change

    <bgImage alpha="100" source="modules/mod_savira_photogallery/images/bg.jpg"/>
    <image width="500" height="250"/>
    <item source="1.jpg" description="Golfball close to hole"/>
    <item source="2.jpg" description="Getting ready to tee up a golf ball for a drive"/>
    <item source="3.jpg" description="Two proffesional golfers walking down the fairway on a warm summer day"/>
    <item source="4.jpg" description="A male golfer selects his club on the tee"/>
    <item source="5.jpg" description="Golf Resort and Hotel ..."/>
    <item source="6.jpg" description="Golf bag"/>
    <item source="7.jpg" description="Beautiful golf park"/>	
    <item source="8.jpg" description="Shot on the golf course"/>
    <item source="9.jpg" description="Golfer stepping up to his ball"/>

<imagesFolder> : path of folder where all images are stored for photo gallery purpose.

<captionColor> : Color code for description text. for color code check this out

<frameColor> : Color code for Photo Frame box

<bgImage alpha="100" source="modules/mod_savira_photogallery/images/bg.jpg"/>
All parameters related baground are under this.
Alpha: opecity for Background. you can apply "0" to make full transparent background
source: it is path of background image.

<image width="500" height="250" />
(Edit/ Update width and Height of Picture )

(pass true to view number of photos. make false when not want to show numbering of pictures)

(Edit/ Update label for top left "Back" button here)

(Upload and Update/Edit path of audio Sound. it will be play on click of photos.)

<item source="1.jpg" description="Golfball close to hole" />
Source: name of picture "1.jpg"
description: description of picture
(Item is all images which you want to come in savira photo gallery.)

please drop mail if any assistance needed

Joomla xml flash Savira photo gallery Online Demo

DOWNLOAD Savira Photo Gallery Module - Joomla


Savira xml flash joomla module Savira Photo Gallery Get Natural looking tool emulating a set of photos for your website. Just take and use.

This is simple Joomla Flash Photo gallery module that enables you to click through a stack of your favorite photographs.
This demonstration was made using Free version of our Stack Photo Gallery.

- Background Photo can be Change or Either Transparent
- Give Title & Description for Each Photos
- Unlimited Photo Show in Commercial Version

The free version has the following limitations:
- 9 images maximum;
- contains the copyright label.

ONLY (15$)

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  1. Hi
    Can the parameters be set so that the images are shown as a slideshow ie at 10 second intervals?

  2. Hello!

    Can i use another parameter here – insted of crop ??

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