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Imagine you applied one simple technique to your website that could make a huge difference in your website conversions.

And it’s simple, free and easy to implement… :)

What is it?

Everyone knows that the secret to making money online is not only to acquire traffic, but also to convert that traffic to sales and money.

No conversions = No money

And one of the fastest ways to generate income online is through the written word. Website content is one of the most important aspects of your website. It defines your website’s communication to your visitors, leading them to a sale. It either connects with your potential customers/clients or sends them running for the hills.

A SECRET to High Conversions

One of the most important tips I can give readers is something I learned years ago and have applied to many of my client’s sites. I call it a SECRET because I have yet to see it practiced on a majority of sites. In fact, it is not taught in many internet marketing circuits and it is not a tip I often read on blogs related to the topic.

In effective website content writing tutorials, we are told to list the features and benefits of what we are selling. However, there is another step beyond this that many webmasters neglect.

The best way I can describe it is by giving you an example:

Let’s say you are selling surround sound speakers. Now bear with me because I am not an electronics expert. I should have my tech-savvy husband read this for approval. Oh well, here it goes anyways…

You are selling surround sound speakers, and of course you want to list its many features since your visitors will want to know everything there is to know before they open their wallets.

Here are some features:

  1. A powerful sound to complement your TV watching
  2. Delivers an immersive sound that provides a powerful entertainment experience.
  3. Hear all range of sounds, from soft tones to loud special effects.
  4. Setup and installation are fast and easy.

Now, I listed the same features but I crafted them differently.

1. OLD – A powerful sound to complement your TV watching

NEW – Get a cinema experience without ever leaving your comfortable couch.

{In the new feature/benefit, I appeal to the TV watcher who obviously loves cinema sound. The customer can expect a similar experience which is a high selling point. I take the customer out of the features and into the heart of the matter to establish a connection}

2. OLD – Delivers an immersive sound that provides a powerful entertainment experience.

NEW – Impress your friends and blow away your neighbors with an intense movie-watching experience.

{In this benefit, I am still delivering the feature of a powerful entertainment experience, but I am doing it in a way that gets noticed.}

3. OLD – Hear all range of sounds, from soft tones to loud special effects.

NEW – Never again miss out on the intensity of special effects and heart-stopping scenes, and hear the whisper of the softest sounds coming out of your television.

{I am appealing to the psyche here and helping the customer to understand that by not purchasing the system, he may miss out on the action. This will hopefully garner an emotional reaction which is what I am going for.}

4.  OLD – Setup and installation are fast and easy.

NEW – You will not lose any time setting up your system. It only takes minutes.

{Instead of simply listing the feature, I appealed to a person’s potential objection that it takes too long to set up. This person will most likely not want to lose any time.}

It’s important to note that I wrote these benefits quickly and you should take more time crafting the right statements for your own copy.

Notice, also, that you should know your audience intimately as well if you want to connect with them in this way. I know some of the points of connection for surround sound users because my husband is a technology junkie. We are in the process of purchasing our next system right now!

Knowing your audience is the first step. Applying these techniques will give you a winning formula.

Here is the most important takeaway:

Remember that you are not selling surround sound speakers. You are selling the EXPERIENCE they provide.

People shop and make decisions based on emotion and the more you can capture that emotion, the more sales you will make.

Think beyond the “stated” benefit and consider the emotional benefit customers can receive by purchasing your products and services. Get inside their heads. Think about their heart connection to your products or services. When you can connect with people at this “deeper” level, you will have their attention and eventually their business.

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