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Here some list of Best HTML5 Websites by HTML5 Web designer in 2012

1 .best html5 web designer wildernessdowntown  The Wilderness Downtown | Arcade Fire
The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive music video for Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait”. Visitors are asked to input the address of the home they grew up in and then the site uses Google Earth and HTML5 to create a personalized music video that takes the user on a journey back home.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

2. Best html5 web designer 3dreamsofblack Three Dreams of Black

3 Dreams of Black uses HTML5 to promote Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album Rome. The site creates a 3D interactive world using WebGL where all the objects in the video react to both the music and user inputs. The site will make you feel as if you’ve EXPERIENCED the song and not simply listened to it.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

3. best html5 web designer universeries Universeries

Universeries is a reference site about television producers and the shows they’ve created that illustrates how html5’s data visualization tools can enhance static information presentation. If you love TV and would like to find out more about your favorite shows there is no more entertaining way to do so online.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

4. best html5 web designer  Agent 008 Ball

The Agent008Ball website created by Pixel Labs utilizes HTML5’s canvas techniques to allow users to play a rather precise game of Billiards right on their computer screen. The site was created in conjunction with Microsoft to celebrate the advanced features in its IE9 browser and it does just that.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

This Shell

This Shell website is an HTML5 experiment created by Legwork Studios that promotes Gamit’s new album “Parts” in a rather fun and rewarding manner. The website presents fans with a video puzzle that if solved, before the music ends, allows them access to a free mp3 download of the song.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

6. best html5 web designer  Ben The Bodyguard

The Ben the Bodyguard website is a promo for Nerd Communications iPhone Security App that protects user’s mobile data. The website allows users to take a vertical stroll with Ben through a rather rough neighborhood where he has to fight off several threats in a manner reminiscent of 80s era video games.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

7. best html5 web designer artofstars Art of Stars

Art of the Stars uses your IP address to draw a picture of the Star constellation directly above you. What is most interesting about this project is that it uses HTML5 to develop an application on the web in a similar manner to those currently built in mobile applications for the Droid and iPhone.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

8. best html5 web designer  Lost Worlds Fair

The Lost World’s Fair site was developed to showcase the HTML5 capabilities inherent in IE9 by creating interactive posters that take users on a journey to three fabled locales. By using your mouse to scroll down each poster visitors are allowed to uncover further mysteries hidden in each location.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

9. best html5 web designer  Toyota Prius Projects

The Toyota Prius project celebrates the first 10 years that the Prius has been available by highlighting changes in the world made over that time span and allows users to envision what the next 10 years will bring. This is the best example of how HTML5 can be used to create a more immersive web experience.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

10. best html5 web designer  RUMPETROLL

Rumpetroll is a Massive Multiplayer experience that allows multiple users to interact and chat as tadpoles in a futuristic pond. Thousands of people can swim around in the environment and chat with each other using HTML5 in a manner that gives us a peek into what the Twitter of the future might look like.

Best HTML5 Websites | Website Design & Development

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