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WordPress has always been a very flexible piece of software, generally the majority of people use WordPress as a blogging platform and that’s what it was meant to be, however with some tweaking involve you can convert WordPress to power up any type of site, in fact some are using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System).

Converting WordPress to a Subscription Based Site

Basically you can use WordPress as a Web directory, Classifieds (I’m working on one soon), selling digital downloads like mp3, .pdf files and more.

One of the major challenges faced by WordPress users is the payment gateway system, i know for sure that payment gateway was my main problem otherwise i would have finished my other project by now, but now thanks to 2 great plugins the payment problem is at an end.

The 2 Plugins

The two plugins i mentioned are the EasyPayPal plugin and the membership plugin.

About the EasyPaypal Plugin:

EasyPayPal is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make money from your WordPress site by collecting a payment from your users. When a new user creates a login on your site, they will be taken to PayPal to process their payment. When they return to your site, the next payment date will be updated based on a period that you define. After the next payment date, the user will attempt to login and they will be taken to PayPal to process their next payment.

Find Out More: EasyPaypal Plugin

About the WpBoard.com Membership Plugin:

This plugin will change your default wordpress installation to a full members only blog and you will be able to select if you want to give access to logged in users only or restrict access to certain posts, pages or categories. It uses Paypal recurring subscriptions or one time payments (the choice is yours) and automatic user account handling(user account will be deactivated if the user subscription has been ended and he will be asked to pay again). It can be used for many web applications and it is first for the WordPress CMS/Blog System.I

Find out more: Membership Plugin

One of the major differences between the two plugins is that the EasyPaypal is FREE while the Membership Plugin will set you back for a modest $25.

Check the plugins out and go through thier features, i’m sure if you are planning on something like this than one of this plugin will be what you need.

All the best to you!

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