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WordPress website are at 25% market share

Now wordpress takend 25 % of market share as per Web technology surveys In 2003 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little fork b2 and created WordPress. As wordpress freelancer we seen tremendous growth in wordpress usage since 2011. Three main aspect of wordpress is Its Lightweight, Simple User & SEO friendly. Historical yearly trends in […]

WordPress disable all update notification

Here is code to disable WordPress all update notification Incoming search terms:com co inwww www (134)com co inwww (64)www www co in (49)wwwwww com (26)co inwww (24)wwwwwwwwwcom (15)WWW WWWwww com co in co in co inwww www com (14)Search www www www (12)https:// www jokes4us com is a greayvzw of is a greayvzw of the […]

How Separate First post from Other in wordpress loop

As wordpress freelancer i found way to first post from Other in wordpress loop. Below is php code for same.

How to add Custom field in custom portfolio type post

Here is solution to add custom field in your custom portfolio entries, for this you must activate the “custom fields” manually. Open up portfolio.php OR php function where you registering post type “portfolio. portfolio_register() and search for: Replace it with

How to check post or page has an attachment in wordpress

Here is code to check post or page has an attachment in wordpress. You have to in wordpress loop.

How to Check the_content is empty in wordpress

Here is code to check the_content is or not empty in wordpress.

How to Redirect User to a custom page after registration

Below is code to redirect User to a custom page after registration Thanks TheDeadMedic for the tip!

Latest New WordPress 3.6 Features

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg announced the release of the latest version WordPress 3.6 which has beed in honor of Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. Latest New WordPress 3.6 include follwing Features a beautiful new blog-centric theme  Twenty Thirteen theme, bullet-proof autosave and post locking, a revamped revision browser, native support for audio and video embeds, […]

How to Limit the size of the post excerpt in WordPress

Here is code to Limit the size of the post excerpt in WordPress. Add below code into function.php it will set limit 20 charactor.

wordpress new dashboard

Gang of web designers and developers teamed up to explore how the modern version of wordpress look like. * Smple, uncluttered design; free of excessive decoration and focused on your content. * use beautiful webfonts, legible typography that’s consistent in every browser. * Responsive design that’s tailored to PCs, tablets and mobile smartphones devices * […]

How to Add google AdSense code inside post using wordpress Shortcode

The following code will allow you Add google AdSense code inside post using wordpress Shortcode which display a 468×60 AdSense unit wherever you place the [adsense] shortcode

Super useful wordpress Plugins & Tools for WordPress Developers

Here are some time Super useful wordpress Plugins & Tools for WordPress Developers Below are some growing collection of WordPress plugins, and discovered some great resources for my WP “developer toolbox.” These are some super-useful plugins and tools for debugging, logging data, working with translation files, analyzing performance, and making otherwise difficult tasks efficient and manageable. […]

How to Show Pending Review post to front end logged-In users in wordpress

Here is wordpress snipped code to Show “Pending Review” post to frontend logged-In users. Other Normal users which are not logged into wordpress website cant see “pending review “post in post list.

How to define Access on specific content in WordPress for a specific user only

Some requirement comes to access specific portion of wordpress website to specific user only. So here is the code define Access on specific content in WordPress for a specific user only. Update this code into Your template page like page.php, singlepost.php or wherever u want to do this.

How to Moving WordPress Plugin Folder

If you don’t want to change the location of the entire wp-content folder in wordpress but just want to move the plugins folder then you can change this location the same as above. For the plugin folder location we need to define the variable WP_PLUGIN_DIR.

How to WordPress Move Wp-Content Folder To Different Location

Move the wordpress wp-content is for wordpress security if you move this to an unexpected location any hackers looking to target this area won’t be able to find it, or it will make it more difficult to find. To change the location of the wp-content is quite simple as the location of this folder can be configured […]

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