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How to disable plugin updates on your WordPress blog

Here is wordpress function php Snippet code to disable plugin updates on WordPress blog. Simply add that to your functions.php file and click save and the notices of wordpress plugin updates will disappear. Thanks to WP Snippets for the useful tip!

How to disable the WordPress Update Notice

Here is wordpress php function code to Disable the WordPress Update Notice from wordpress backend. Simply add that to your functions.php file and click save and the notices will disappear. :) Source:

How to Increase WordPress Memory Limit

A common error you can come across in WordPress is a PHP memory limit error. This happens when WordPress doesn’t have enough memory to achieve what you want. It can be caused by poorly written plugins that will continue to run a procedure until the installation runs out of memory. Since version 2.5 there is a […]

How to disable file edition in WordPress admin

Here is useful wordpress code snippet to disable file edition in WordPress admin Just paste the following (or only the needed line) in your wp-config.php file. This file is located at the root of your WordPress install. Thanks to Paulund for this useful code snippet!

Jquery Fix for WordPress Empty Search issue

Jquery fix for preventing wordpress empty search issue. I found a decent/easy jquery workaround on preventing submit if the field is empty: And onload:

Override WordPress and Site URL using wp-config file

I found code to Override WordPress and Site URL using wp-config file. I like to share with you all. Instructions: This snippet lets you redfine two constants that makes it possible to work with production databases, locally. It lets you use the same database for production and development. THIS does not change the database records […]

How to Edit Customize Tag Cloud deafault tooltip to Tag Name

Another issue i faced during the wordpress development, i want to change the tooltip text which appears on hovering the mouse over the tags created by wp_tag_cloud(). By default it shows something like 1 topics, 5 topics etc, and i want to make it something like  “Tag Name” on mouseover

The 15 Best WordPress plugins to use in 2012

One of the reasons that I’m so madly in love with WordPress is the thousands of plugins available. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your blog, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it. This list will provide you with 15 of the best WordPress plugins available […]

Create/ Make A Helpful WordPress 404 Page

When your server can’t find the requested page it will return a HTTP status code of 404. This tells the browser that the request has failed because the page you are asking for can not be found. When your server returns a 404 this needs to be handled so that your not just displaying the default […]

WordPress function to get post/page slug

Here’s the function. Copy it and paste it into your functions.php file: Once done, simply call the function within the loop to get the post or page slug. Thanks to Maidul for the function!

Great WordPress resources for wordpress developer

As a WordPress developer you need to keep up with the fast development of this amazing platform. Luckily, there are loads of great resources to do this. This post is basically a compilation of the sites on my RSS feed. Hope you like it!

WordPress Themes For freelancer and Design Studios

In today’s post I am showcasing WordPress themes that are perfectly suited to design studios, creative agencies and freelancers. These premium WordPress themes are perfect for showcasing your work and providing in depth information on your projects, the WordPress themes all feature pixel perfect designs to compliment your studio and work, some featured examples are […]

How to automatically create meta description from content in wordpress

By default, WordPress do not add a <meta description> tag to your blog. While not necessary, some SEO experts insists that this tag is important for your site SEO. So what about generating one using your post content? Here is a cool piece of code to do it easily.

How to Stop WordPress Trackback Spam Completely

If you are an owner of a WordPress blog, then most probably you might be facing some WordPress trackback related spam in your blog and if your blog has some good amount of blog posts then this problem escalates and it’s quite difficult to control the problem.

how to add WordPress pagination without plugins

Simply paste the following code where you want to display your pagination enjoy…

How to Use Google Analytics to Track When People Print your Web Pages

Say you have a website that is printer-friendly but you are not too sure if people are actually printing your web pages. And if they are, you are interested to know how often they print pages and what is the kind of content that users are most likely to print on your site.

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